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HIPAA & PCI-DSS Complaince Security Assessments Available! - Click HERE for some info on HIPAA/HITECH Requirements.

TechMon's goal as an IT Security Specialist is to ensure that all essential safeguards and security practices are being utilized to help mitigate;

  • Non-compliance
  • Loss of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
  • Unauthorized access. 

Most organizations have some form of network/systems management from either an ‘in-house’ IT or IT service provider that provides system protection in the following forms; virus protection, Spam filtration, backup systems, and technical support, but there is a key factor that is missing from the traditional network/systems management offerings. 

What is missing?

Security Assurance & Testing! 

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TechMon Consulting's Security Services can help mitigate the possibility of unauthorized access to intellectual and/or sensitive information. Virus protection, Spam filtering systems, and firewalls are generally implemented by all network/systems management providers, but it is staggering how ineffective those safeguards can be against malicious users, or who are better known as ‘Hackers’.  Hackers are generally ‘trained’ to bypass those common safeguards that are implemented, especially if the safeguards were not setup or ‘tuned’ correctly and left in default configurations.  Simply plugging in a firewall and creating some rules, changing the admin password, and enabling default security features is generally not effective against trained Hackers.

What TechMon offers as Information Technology Security Specialist:

  • Help ensure that all of the organization’s systems provide Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) of all sensitive or intellectual information.
  • Trained and fluent in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and PII-based Regulations (in regards to IT).**Techmon Consulting cannot provide any oragnizations with an official 'Seal of Approval Compliance Certification' for PCI-DSS, however the reports and assessments can be used to to strengthen security in 'Failing' areas in order to acquire such Certifications. The Security Toolsets that are utilized by TechMon are Certified for HIPAA and PCI-DSS. TechMon IS NOT a PCI-ASV(Approved Scanning Vendor), Simply because it is not cost effective for TechMon to become one.**
  • TechMon can conduct Security Awareness Training for employees to help mitigate the security weaknesses of an organization.
  • TechMon can provide a security-wise ‘peace of mind’ by offering the following Security Assessments 'Methods':
    • Internal Security Assessment (within the Network/Business): Security testing of the Internal Network & Systems.
    • External Security Assessment (example; from our place of business): Security testing of the Externally Facing Network & Systems. How vulnerable is your network and computer systems from the outside world?
    • Collaborative Security Assessment (with or without current IT personnel or Service Providers): Test and validate that all ‘built-in’ Network & Systems Security features are configured, logging, and functioning correctly. 
      • This may include the use of Internal and External Security Assessments.


Common Statements/Questions: 

  • “We don’t harbor any sensitive information, so Security Testing is not needed”
    • Think about the following:
      • Does the organization have a payroll/accounting system that stores or transacts any of the following; employees' SSN's, bank account information, names, addresses, etc.? – All of which is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which by law must remain confidential.


      • Does the organization’s systems harbor or transact credit/debit card information? – The organization must remain compliant with all PCI-DSS regulations, regardless if a service provider is being used to handle transactions and data. *PCI-DSS regulations require that an organization is tested Quarterly.


      • Does the organization harbor or transact health care or patient information? – The organization must remain compliant with all HIPAA and HITECH regulations. *HIPAA/HITECH Regulation requires ongoing security assessments in order for Compliance. - Click HERE for more information


  • “Why do we need Security Assessments? We are a small company"
    • Last year the number of security breaches for businesses that have fewer than 20 employees sky rocketed, because Hackers know that small businesses generally have minimal safeguards and are ‘easy targets’.  The fines, loss of credibility, and loss of clientele crippled most of those small businesses that were breached, some recovered, most did not.   


  • “I doubt hackers can get into our systems, the IT systems are secure”
    • I have heard this statement throughout my IT career and I even claimed this in my early days as a Network/Systems Administrator/Engineer. Generally organizations that think they are secure have multiple security vulnerabilities they were unaware of, simply because they did not know how to test or look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in regards to IT security.


  • “The Network/Systems Management provider (or in-house IT) takes care of security, we aren’t worried”
    • The provider may very well be ‘taking care’ of security, but does the provider have anyone on their staff with network, systems, or cyber security degrees/certifications?
    • Having an outside security service or professional take a look at the organization’s systems provides ‘piece of mind’ and assurance that security practices, risk management, and mitigation techniques are indeed effective against intruder or the damage they may ensue.

HackerFearful of hackers or malicious users infiltrating your systems?

Or business operations being disrupted due to data loss, theft, or unavailability as a result of Security-Based incidents?

Or does your organization just need a Security Assessment done in order to reach Regulatory Compliance?

Missoula MT IT Services

TechMon can help mitigate Security-Based incidents and thwart hackers by conducting Security Assessments.

Services Offered:

*Security Assessment- Identify Security vulnerabilities on both the internal and external network levels.

*Regulatory Compliance- Security Assessment that has all of the required 'checks' for designated regulations.

*Indepth Internal Security Analysis- Take an indepth Security look at all Server configurations, network shares, permissions, user groups, etc.

Regardless of which Service(s) is chosen, Techmon provides your organization with a Detailed in Depth Security Report, which will also provide information on how to mitigate or remove most of the vulnerabilities found

Coming Soon--*Penetration Testing- (Pentesting), you hire Techmon to 'hack' your network to expose highly critical vulnerabilities.

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