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TechMon's goal is to ensure Performance, Reliability, and Security of IT systems while providing Quality Service and Support.

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A Systems or Network Administrator should be invisible, yet available whenever needed.

TechMon Consulting Understands That Your IT Infrastructure is a primary contributor to the organization's efficiency, productivity, and success. Any IT work that may potentially disrupt business operations or an employee's work will be conducted after business hours or during the weekends in order to decrease 'down-time' as much as possible.

TechMon will monitor and maintain your IT Infrastructure (Servers, Computers, Backups, Routers, etc.) to ensure performance, reliability, and security.

TechMon can help your organization develop an IT Risk Management Plan in order to better manage assets and help mitigate 'down-time' and/or data loss in the event of an IT disaster. Network Administration 2

There are several Systems/Network Management options available; each Plan can be tailored to your organization. Below are some examples:

  • Platinum Management Plans are based on a Monthly-Cost which includes unlimited service hours, Risk Management, and 24/7 Monitoring/Support.
  • Basic Management Plans are generally on an as-needed hourly rate, but also include Risk Managment, Monitoring, and Support options.
  • UpKeep Management Plans provide an organization with Maintenance/Optimizations for all IT systems and all IT Services and Support are billed at an as-needed hourly rate.

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